DAY 21: Awakening to God’s Love

by Mrs Louise Zavone, Executive Secretary, Bishops Commission for Life, Family & Public Engagement, Australian Catholic Bishops Conference Intention: To follow the example of Christ we are challenged to love others genuinely, sacrificially and unconditionally. Scripture: “Beloved, let more

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DAY 19: Pray, Fast and Repent in Oneness for Revival

by Pastor Peter Walker, Founder, Australian Indigenous Christian Ministries Intention: We pray for oneness starting in the church that we might in turn affect the nation through the “Spirit of Christ” (Romans 8:9) until we together become more

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DAY 16: God is taking Australia back as His own!

by Cheryl Lindley, Australian Apostolic Restore Community Intention: I believe God’s desire is that our nation, Australia, which has already been covenanted to Him, will renew that covenant and rise into the fullness of the destiny more

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DAY 14: Be the Heart, Hands and Feet of Jesus

by Marilyn Rowsome, Coordinator of Volunteers, Canberra Declaration Intention: May we have the compassion of Jesus for all those who are poor, brokenhearted, captive, blind and downtrodden through abortion. Scripture: “The Spirit of the Lord more

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