A bequest (also known as a legacy) is a gift of money or assets that you leave through your Will. Bequests are critical to the Canberra Declaration and Australian Heart Ministries, the underwriting organisation that supports this crucial work. Your gift will help us preserve free speech, protect life, support family, restore our Judeo-Christian foundations, secure our religious freedom and safe guard our children.

There are several types of bequests. Some are specified amounts of money, items of property or stocks and shares. Other bequests may be a percentage of an estate or the remainder of an estate once family, friends and taxes are taken care of.

How to arrange a bequest

The best way to arrange leaving a bequest to Canberra Declaration is to speak with a solicitor. They can ensure your estate is distributed in a way that meets your wishes. How you choose to leave a bequest depends on your personal preference or circumstances.

As a guide, the most common types of bequests include:

  • Residuary – This gift consists of the remainder of your estate once your family and friends have been provided for and any taxes and charges are settled.
  • Percentage/fractional – This is a gift in the form of a specified percentage of your estate.
  • Specific/pecuniary – This is a gift in the form of a specified amount of money, item of property or stocks and shares.

Some people like to give a combination of two or more of these types of bequests. Regardless of the method you choose, the Canberra Declaration/Australian Heart Ministries team is very grateful for any support you can provide.

Your solicitor can also create a Will for you or update your existing Will to include a gift to Australian Heart Ministries, the underwriting organisation, for the Canberra Declaration with the appropriate wording.

If you wish to choose an alternative method, please discuss this with your solicitor. If you don’t have a solicitor, the Law Council of Australia website can provide suitable direction.

Wording a bequest

I give and bequeath….. per cent of my estate both real and personal to ‘Australian Heart Ministries’ the Underwriting organisation for the Canberra Declaration – (ABN 21 206 853 048) PO Box 378 Unanderra, 2526 NSW, for its general purposes and declare that the receipt of an executive officer at the time, shall be sufficient discharge of my executor’s duty.

Contact us

For more information or to discuss a bequest, contact us on 02 4272 9100. You can also contact us via the form on our Contact page.