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Without your active participation, the Canberra Declaration Website is just one more site among millions. However, when you stand up for Aussie Values and rise to the call, the Canberra Declaration becomes a sharp and powerful force for good.

Please share this site with people of faith and goodwill who you know. In particular, reach out to Christian and community leaders. Leaders have influence, and they like to share good things with their friends. The best form of advertising is personal recommendation – when one friend tells another friend who tells another friend, and so on.

That’s why your personal recommendation and help are so important.

You could:

a) Print a copy of The Declaration. You can email the Canberra Declaration to get a PDF copy of the Declaration:

b) Email the document or a link to a friend, or even just mention it (though a link is recommended).

c) Talk about it with your friends. Every conversation could trigger a hundred more.

d) Pray for the Canberra Declaration! Pray for its success, its publicity, its acceptance, its financing and those who promote and manage it.

Conversation Tips to Help Share the Canberra Declaration

Try some of these conservation ideas as simple answers to common questions. If you have an idea of what to say you, might be more confident in talking about it and sharing it with others. Please find tips about what to say below.

To get the conversation started about the Canberra Declaration:

“Do you reckon society is more or less healthy than it was 20 years ago?
… More or less healthy than it was last year?”
“I’m deeply concerned that our freedoms are being eroded. How do you feel about it?”
“How do you feel about the ever-increasing Political Correctness?”
“It seems as if no-one is allowed to hold a different opinion these days!”
“Whatever happened to free speech?”
“My kids are growing up in a tougher world then I did. They don’t know what way is up anymore. Nothing’s right. Nothing’s wrong. What do you think we should do about it?”

To get the Canberra Declaration discussed:

“I had to do something …”
“I found this site on the web. They had a petition to sign and they keep me up to date on what’s going on. That’s how I knew about…”
“I decided if I don’t get the information, I’m not going to get told about it.”
“You know there is more of us than what you think.”

To answer: What is the Canberra Declaration?

“The Canberra Declaration is an active, caring, growing community of people who have a vision for a better Australia where everyone is able to enjoy the prosperity, peace and freedom that comes from the revitalisation of the Judeo-Christian Values that formed the foundation of our nation.”

“When you sign the Canberra Declaration you join a community of people who are passionate for a better Australia. It is very encouraging to meet and work with likeminded people.”

“It’s an opportunity! It’s hard for the little guy to do something on his own, so this has been set up to help rally our voices. It’s a statement you can sign that says ‘No’ to the thought police and ‘Yes’ to protecting our freedoms, our families, our children and our babies. If enough people sign it, a real statement will be made that enough is enough!”

“I want them to know that there are people who believe in religious freedom, marriage, family and the need for human life to be protected.”

To answer: Who is behind the Canberra Declaration?

“The Canberra Declaration was written by a diverse collection of community groups and a cross section of Christian leaders representing all the major denominations and released on the lawns of Parliament House by a collection of Indigenous and non-indigenous leaders.”

“The Canberra Declaration is a broad but powerful statement that sums up Aussie Values with a strong call for action. It’s an opportunity! When you are on your own no one listens to you but there is great power in numbers.”

“The Canberra Declaration is a statement you can sign that says ‘NO’ to Political Correctness and ‘YES’ to protecting our freedoms, our families, our children, our babies and our elderly. If enough people sign it, the message will cut through and our elite ruling class will have to listen!”

To answer: What’s the goal of the Canberra Declaration? What’s the point?

“Firstly, to let people know that our freedoms are being taken away while we are busy doing other things like paying our mortgages and raising our families. The elite ruling class in the media and government know we are busy, and they think we don’t care. The Canberra Declaration want to add your voice to the many and make others aware of the problems so we can do something about it. Together we are stronger.”

“Once people know what’s actually happening they can do something. The Canberra Declaration provide regular updates about what to pray for and show simple and effective ways to make a difference.”

“The Canberra Declaration big goal is too bring a diverse collection of community groups the different churches and the broader community together. When we work together, we can make a stand for the values that made Australia great. And we need to.”

“The Canberra Declaration have a mission to awaken, encourage, educate, equip and unify people to pray and make a stand for Christian values for the greater good of all Australians.”

To answer: What do I have to do?

“It’s easy. Just go onto the website and sign up. Add your voice to the chorus. Together we can make a difference.”

To answer: What do the Canberra Declaration do with your signature?

“They only get your information so you can be legitimately added as someone approving the Canberra Declaration. You will get regular updates on what’s happening in the nation and you can opt-out with a click.”

For more answers to common questions, see our FAQ.

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