Moravian Miracle


Moravian Miracle: The 100 Year Prayer Meeting That Changed the World

Dr Jason Hubbard
Paperback | 80 pages
ISBN: 978-1-922480-25-5

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The Moravians changed the world. By God’s grace, we will too.

The prayers of humble believers change the course of history. A band of ragtag worshippers discovered this truth in 18th-century rural Germany, launching a 100-year prayer meeting that birthed the modern missionary movement. Often overlooked, the story of the Moravians comes to life in this incisive, devotional account. Moravian Miracle will fix your gaze on the glorious, conquering Lamb who is now gathering his church for one final prayer-saturated harvest of souls.

“Fascinating and deeply motivating.”
—Rick Warren, The Purpose Driven Life

“A true gift to the global body of Christ.”
—Mike Bickle, International House of Prayer


My dear friend Dr Jason Hubbard has captured the heart of one of the great prayer and missions movements in church history. Moravian Miracle is fascinating reading, and deeply motivating. Let us follow in the footsteps of these courageous, prayer-devoted believers and finish the task of the great commission in our generation!
Dr Rick Warren, Author, The Purpose Driven Life, Executive Director, Finishing the Task Coalition, California, USA

The story of the Moravians’ commitment to 24/7 prayer and its connection to missions in the 18th century has been an inspiration for my life personally, and for the ministry of IHOPKC. Thank you, Jason, for searching out this remarkable story that will surely add fuel to the fire of the rapidly accelerating 24/7 global prayer and missions movements in these days! I am grateful for you—that you lead so many into the reality that you live in, and that you share in such a compelling way in this new book. Moravian Miracle is a true gift to the global body of Christ.
Mike Bickle, Founder, International House of Prayer (IHOPKC), Kansas City, USA

In an effort to help me make sense of a deep personal encounter with God, my mother gave me a book about Count Zinzendorf and the Moravians when I was 17 years old. It marked me for life. Now I am deeply grateful for Dr Jason Hubbard’s new work, Moravian Miracle. It recaptures the passion for Jesus and the joy in sacrifice that has gripped me for more than four decades. I pray it will do the same for you.
Eric Watt, Founder and President, RUN Ministries, Virginia, USA

The Moravians have bequeathed rich legacies that outlive their generation. In Moravian Miracle, Dr Jason Hubbard rekindles the church’s interest in the enduring legacies of the Moravians—namely, missions, 24/7 prayer and discipleship. God is using this book to awaken us and to popularize the enduring legacy of the Moravians in our generation. We must be conscious of that legacy and emulate it. This book is recommended for all who are involved in missions, intercession and the prayer movements.
Austen Ukachi, Co-Ordinator, Strategic Prayer Network of MANI, Lagos, Nigeria

Every follower of Christ needs to read this book! Jason Hubbard is a Moravian scholar who captures for us the history of a 100-year prayer movement that changed the world. It is a roadmap for the revival we are crying out for today.
Cheryl Sacks, Co-Founder, BridgeBuilders International, Arizona, USA

Who are the Moravians and how did this humble band of Christ-followers have such a remarkable impact on the history of Protestant missions? In this accessible introduction, Dr Jason Hubbard provides a spiritually rich reading of the foundational years of the Moravian community and the prayer revival that sparked the world mission movement almost three centuries ago. The past several decades have seen a flourishing of 24/7 prayer movements, and we would be wise to follow Dr Jason Hubbard in looking to the Moravians for clues concerning how ‘prayer canopies’ can be multiplied across the globe today. Each chapter in this study concludes with insightful discussion questions, making Moravian Miracle an ideal resource for new and veteran prayer groups. This resource is sure to stir, inspire, and get us asking how, through prayer, God might be leading the church across the entire world into the greatest revival in history.
Dr Jonathan Armstrong, Professor of Bible and Theology, Moody Bible College, Illinois, USA

I know of no leader better equipped to write a book on the Moravians than my dear friend, Dr Jason Hubbard. Jason has lived a Moravian lifestyle of radical devotion to Jesus, prayer, and mission. This book will inspire you, convict you, challenge you, and motivate you.
Brian Alarid, President, America Prays and World Prays, Chairman, Pray For All, Texas, USA

Moravian Miracle by Dr Jason Hubbard is a must-read for every Christian longing to grow spiritually, dive into the presence of God, encounter His Spirit, and live a life devoted to prayer. Hubbard gives you five practical tips to apply in your daily life on how to learn from the outstanding success of the Moravians, who did indeed change the world. This book will be a game-changer in bringing revival to your Christian life.
Werner Nachtigal, International President, GO Movement, Berlin, Germany

For many years our ministry has been deeply moved by the extraordinary story of Count Zinzendorf and the Moravian revival, with team members spending time in prayer at Herrnhut. This book gives an excellent account of all that took place as the Moravians humbly walked the way of the Cross. It is full of Kingdom keys from the past that will continue to unlock doors in the future for the glory of the Lamb of God.
Ps Jenny Hagger AM, Founder, Australian House of Prayer for All Nations, Founder, Mission World Aid, Adelaide, Australia

Looking for personal revival? Start here. I was 18 years old when I first read about the Moravian prayer movement and it changed my vision for prayer forever. Ultimately, it was the Moravians who inspired me to launch PULSE, and this inspiration has remained in every effort we have undertaken since. Read Moravian Miracle, and be inspired and reminded that the prayer closet is the backbone of every movement of God. A prayer meeting that started 300 years ago is still changing the world today!
Nick Hall, Founder and President, PULSE, Minnesota, USA

Moravian Miracle is a brilliant addition to the growing body of work documenting the amazing, prayer-fueled Moravian missions movement. I first read about the Moravians in 1995, and my first reaction as an avid student of revival history was to ask, “Why has no one ever told me about the Moravians before?” Since then, I have read everything I could get my hands on about the Moravians. In this devotional book, Dr Jason Hubbard has broken new ground and given us the secrets behind the ‘Moravian miracle’. Any Christian with a passion for prayer and missions must read this book. Taking this one step further, any believer who wants to put Jesus’ words into action must read this book!
Warwick Marsh, Faith and Family Advocate, Canberra Declaration, Wollongong, Australia

The Moravian story is a miracle! United—as a community with God and each other. Strategic—taking His love to the ends of the earth. Sustainable—an inter-generational prayer meeting and mission movement that lasted for over 100 years and changed the world. Thank you, Jason, for sharing this amazing story with such insight and clarity. I want to share it with all of my friends, everywhere!
Tom Victor, President, The Great Commission Coalition, Texas, USA

Thank you so much, brother Jason, for giving us the amazing gift of Moravian Miracle. I have always been intrigued by the statement, “May the Lamb who was slain receive the reward for His suffering,” which I first heard from you when we met in 2017 in Herrnhut. After reading this book, I know that you have been smitten by the Lamb’s extravagant love in His suffering and sacrifice. Another favourite phrase of yours is “Behold the Lamb!” As you have been in this intimate posture of beholding the Lamb all these years, the Lord Jesus has graced you to write such a masterpiece. The last prayer you wrote in this book will challenge each one of us to seriously abandon ourselves to the Lamb of Love, who is the center of all of our worship, all of our obedience, and all of our affections. He alone is worthy.
Rev Ann Low, Executive Member, International Prayer Connect, Co-Founder, Hand in Hand with Families in Prayer, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

If you sense a spiritual yearning in your soul calling you to a deeper and more fruitful life in Christ, this book is for you. Although you may not know how this deeper life could look, or how to live the crucified life, Moravian Miracle provides a heart-moving picture that will ignite your soul. As I read this book, I found myself going back over passages, once, then twice, then again more slowly as it resonated deeply and fanned a flame in my heart. I took notes, reflected on quotes and accounts, and prayed the beautiful prayers contained in these pages. The testimony of the Moravians’ humility, gentleness and servitude challenged me greatly. I will be recommending this book to all of our young missionaries.
Cindy McGarvie, National Director, Youth for Christ, Brisbane, Australia

Jason is a man of prayer who connects and facilitates people across the globe in prayer and fellowship, and who releases others in their gifts. It was an absolute joy to read Moravian Miracle. The book is informative, inspirational, and challenges us to a deeper prayer life. What stood out to me more than anything was the link between prayer and our Christian witness; and the long-term, global impact of the Moravians that is still being felt today. This book is a must-read for anyone interested in increasing their prayer life and having a deeper walk with God.
Kym Farnik, Executive Member, Australia Prays, Adelaide, Australia

Part history, part devotional, part prayer guide, all fire, Moravian Miracle is a profound little book that will change the way you think about prayer and missions. Dr Jason Hubbard doesn’t just tell the story of the Moravians in these pages. He burns with the passion that ignited them—an all-consuming zeal for the glory of the Lamb. The Moravians really did change the world. The message of Jason’s book is that, by God’s grace, we can do it again.
Kurt Mahlburg, Author, Cross and Culture, Research and Features Editor, Canberra Declaration, Sydney, Australia

Joining believers around the world in celebrating the 300-year anniversary of the founding of the remarkable community of Herrnhut this year, I can only marvel at how God moved this small community into a season of united prayer that would change history and influence some of greatest leaders and movements in Christian history. The question Dr Jason Hubbard asks in this powerful book rings true for all of us today: What would it look like to see a modern-day Moravian movement initiated and sustained in our day? This well-researched account of the history and influence of the Moravians and their leader, Count Nikolaus von Zinzendorf, is a gem that will encourage those hungry for more of the presence of God in their lives to seek a fresh encounter with His Spirit. Moreover, it will carry forward their legacy of prayer, missions and discipleship in our day. May that which Zinzendorf and his companions modelled truly become a catalyst for revitalizing and unifying the global church. And may we heed the call to return to our first love, as the bell of awakening is heard ringing across the nations in this hour.
Anja Letsatsi, Global Voice of Prayer, Cape Town, South Africa

You are interested in reading this book? Wait a minute. This book isn’t simply about history. It is about His story, and possibly your story. It doesn’t simply contain facts, it contains factors—factors that could change your life. It is not simply words on a page—it could be a word for you. And it is really more about the future than it is about the past. You see, the Moravian Miracle happened many years ago, but it is stirring again, and the Lord may use this little book to make a big change in you—and through you, to make a big change in the world. Don’t approach this book like other books. Don’t just anticipate knowing more. Anticipate doing more because of what you will know. What happened in and through the Moravians was very unusual, but it shouldn’t be. It happened a long time ago but it can also happen again—this time, not through them, but through you. And with God’s help, and your willingness to let Him speak to you through what Dr Jason Hubbard has written, this book may not be the last chapter of the Moravian Miracle.
Dennis Fuqua, Director, International Renewal Ministries, Washington, USA

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