Declaration in Other Languages

Approximately 28.5 per cent of all Australians were born overseas, and 21 per cent of people speak a language other than English in their home. That is why it is so important for us to provide other language translations of the Canberra Declaration so people can better understand the important principles that are contained in the Canberra Declaration.

were born overseas
speak a language other than English

If you can help us with the many different translations required, please let us know!

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Please find a list of some of the languages that we are aiming to translate the Declaration into below.

  1. Mandarin
  2. Cantonese
  3. Korean
  4. Arabic
  5. Italian
  6. Greek
  7. Filipino
  8. Indonesian
  9. Malaysian
  10. Spanish
  11. French
  12. German
  13. Polish
  14. Swahili
  15. Afrikans
  16. Persian