We need to pray

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The Lord’s word to us has always been clear. When there was a lack of workers Jesus told us to ask the Lord of the Harvest. When the harvest wasn’t being collected, Jesus said ask for the workers to be sent out. When he sent out the disciples he told them to “Command … in Jesus name”. He expressed his amazement at the Centurian’s faith and incredulous frustration at the faith some of ‘God’s people’ lacked. James told us we do not have because we do not ask, or that we lack because we ask with the wrong motives.

As a young Christian I was a passionate prayer. I remember walking the beach, riding the train, pacing my lounge room and at times on my knees by my bed. I knew it was making a difference. I saw the difference; not only in the prayer needs I saw around me being answered, but also in my own heart.

Now, after 22 years walking with God I swing back into the ‘lukewarm’ zone far too often. I still love God and know he is all I have that is reliable. Yet for some reason …

… why is it so hard to pray?

Do I REALLY believe?

Do I REALLY trust God to act?

Have I given myself some theological exclusion clause?

… So many possibilities.

Yet when I look at this need; when I look at the attack on my culture, my rights, my freedoms and my future I have to ask: “What is my problem?”

And perhaps there it is. There in my last sentence. My. My. My.

Will you join me? Even if you can’t answer the questions of why you find it hard to pray?

Our children and our grandchildren need us to. And so does our Lord!

I love my kids and grandkids. So I will pray. I do love my Lord and he wants my prayers. So I will pray.

Will you join us?

Doctrinal Spiritual Warfare Prayers written by David Rowsome

Download and print. These are formatted so they can be printed as an A5 booklet on your home printer.

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