The Canberra Declaration is the work of many individual Christians, clergy and Christian ministries, representing a wide variety of denominations. Over 20 Christian leaders and clergy were involved in the drafting process.

Dr Graham McLennan, National Alliance of Christian Leaders, Bill Muehlenberg, Vice President of the Victorian Family Association and founder of CultureWatch and Warwick Marsh from the Australian Christian Values Institute played a key role in getting the project underway. Dr Lachlan Dunjey, Morality in Medicine and Jude Hennessey also helped the drafting process assisted by Ros Phillips, FamilyVoice Australia, along with many others. Catholic and Anglican clergy and laity provided valuable input to the final draft.

The Canberra Declaration was released during the ‘Government of God’ Conference, Parliament House, Canberra on Friday 23rd July 2010.

This website has been built and maintained by the Australian Christian Values Institute and the team at Australian Heart Ministries.

Key Signatories

Please note: This list is a sample of just some of the leaders who signed the Canberra Declaration shortly after 23 July 2010 on the lawns of Parliament House. As such this is a snapshot of history.

Not all leaders who have signed the Canberra Declaration are listed. Some have passed on to glory and others have retired from the positions listed. This list is preserved as is to honour the courage of the early signees who bravely made a stand for the Judeo-Christian Values that our nation is built on. We honour them for their historic commitment to the truth and thank them for their support past and present.

Fr. Brian Ahearn: Catholic Church

Rev. Tim Anderson: St John’s Anglican Church, Healesville

Major Ron Anderson: Senior Chaplain – NSW Rural Fire Service

Jerome Appleby: Australian Family Association (SA)

Ps. Barry Benz: Churches of Christ

Rev. Gregory Blaxland: Anglican Church

Colin Bennett: Focus on the Family Australia

Archbishop Mark Coleridge: Catholic Church

Cannon John Cornford: Anglican Church

Dr. Raymond Dart:Tamworth Baptist Church

Dr. Lachlan Dunjey: Medicine With Morality

Fr. Martin Durham: Catholic Parish of Rockhampton

Chaplain Stephen Dyer: Bikers 4 Christ

Lt.Col. Keith Earl: The Salvation Army

Ps. Rob Feeney: Grace Point Christian Church

Major Henk Fernee: The Salvation Army

Mary-Louise Fowler: Vice-President, Australian Family Association

Ps. Jim Garlick: River City Christian Church Hobart

Ps. Brian Gesling: Wesleyan Methodist Church of Australia

Rev. Craig Gibbon: Entheos Mission Outreach Inc

Christopher Gordon: Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney

Ps. James Goss: Chinese Support Ministries

Ps. Ian Grant: Harvest Bible College

Jenny Hagger: Australian House of Prayer for All Nations

Jude Hennessy: Director of CCD, (Catholic Church Offices) Diocese of Wollongong

Desmond Higgs: Ministries of Ten Thousand Men

Ps. Norman Hughes: Presbyterian Church of QLD

Ps. Ben Irawan: Life Centre

Ps. Ian Jack: New Life A.O.G. Nambour

Ps. Daryl James: Daryl James Ministries

Ps. Neil Johnson: Apostolic Church (Australia)

Peter Kentley: Christian Federation

Lynne Klompe: Parliamentary Prayer Network

Dr. Glenda Lattimore: Living Well Psychological Services

Warwick & Alison Marsh: Dads4Kids Fatherhood Foundation

Ps. Peter Magee: Presbyterian Church of NSW

Ps. Donny McGregor: Generation Fire inc

Dr. Graham McLennan: National Alliance of Christian Leaders

Norman Miller: Centre for International Reconciliation and Peace

Ps. Alan Millard: Voice of Victory Church

John Miller: Australian Christian Values Institute

Paul Monagle: Australian Family Association (ACT)

Bill Muehlenberg: Culture Watch

Ann Outred: Relationshipcentral Australia

Dennis Outred: National Marriage Week

Ps. John Pendlebury: Wayside Chapel

David & Roslyn Phillips: FamilyVoice Australia

Brian Pickering: Australian Prayer Network

Keith Pond: Christians Against Poverty

Ps. Peter Rahme: Christian Worldview Ministries

Mark Reidy: Catholic Record Newspaper

Dr. Joseph Santamaria: Christian Leader

Ps. Bronwyn Shepherd: Foursquare Australia

Rev. Thomas Slockee: Anglican Church (Aboriginal)

Ps. Tony Smits: CRC Churches International

Jack Sonneman: Federation for the Family

Fr. Philip Soulsby: Catholic Church

Rev. Dale Stephenson: Crossway Baptist Church

Peter Stokes: Salt Shakers Inc

Trevor Suitor: Men of Integrity

Ps. Elton Thompson: Aboriginal & Islander Christian Fellowship

Ps. Rob Urban: Logan City Christian Church

Rev. Albert Veldman: Free Reformed Church of Southern River

Jim Wallace: Australian Christian Lobby

Dr. Geoff Waugh: Renewal Journal

Ian Worby: United Christian Broadcasters Australia Ltd

Rev. Ian Wright: Barnabas Fund Australia

Rev. Dae Sop Yoon: Orange Prayer House-International Reach

David & Marilyn Rowsome: Canberra Declaration