The Blessing of Almighty God

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In 2020, the Canberra Declaration marked its 10th anniversary by publishing The Blessing of Almighty God: The Canberra Declaration Story and the Call to Revitalise Australia. This book recounts the forging of the landmark Canberra Declaration document and tells the story of those advancing its cause still today.

Australia has taken a huge risk by cutting our culture from its Christian roots. The effects of this are clear to see with the natural family, religious freedom and the sanctity of life withering before us. The Canberra Declaration was written to call Australia back to its Judeo-Christian foundations, so that our way of life can thrive once more.

The Blessing of Almighty God is endorsed by former World Tennis Number One, Ps Margaret Court AO MBE, and the book’s foreword is by former Deputy Prime Minister John Anderson AO. Since its launch, almost 1,500 copies have sold and the book has received rave reviews.

Ten authors contributed to The Blessing of Almighty God. Among these were well-known culture warriors Bill Muehlenberg, Dr Graham McLennan, Warwick Marsh and Ps Barbara and Normal Miller; along with others vital to the Canberra Declaration’s work through the years, including Kevin Sargeant, David and Marilyn Rowsome, Jean Westbury and Kurt Mahlburg.

With compelling insights and warm personal accounts, each chapter weaves together into a single, inspiring story of God’s faithful work through the Canberra Declaration community and His great heart for Australia. This book will both encourage you and motivate you to action in the days ahead.

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