Moravian Miracle

The 100 Year Prayer Meeting That Changed the World

To celebrate the 300th anniversary of the Moravian community’s first beginnings in Herrnhut, Germany in 1722, the Canberra Declaration is releasing a new book. This book is called: “MORAVIAN MIRACLE – The 100 Year Prayer Meeting that Changed the World” by Dr Jason Hubbard.

Jason, who is based in Bellingham, WA, in the USA, is the executive Coordinator of International Prayer Connect. He is a husband to Kristie, a father of three and a grandfather of four. Jason has a deep passion to worship Jesus and believes the prayers of humble believers can change the course of history.

You can watch the Moravian Miracle Book Launch video here.

Dr Jason Hubbard tells the story of a band of ragtag worshippers who launched a 100-year, 24/7 prayer meeting that birthed the modern missionary movement. Often overlooked, the story of the Moravians comes to life in this incisive, devotional book. Moravian Miracle will fix your gaze on the glorious, conquering Lamb who is now gathering his church for one final prayer-saturated harvest of souls.

Warwick Marsh & Kurt Mahlburg & the team at the Canberra Declaration have put an enormous effort into editing and publishing this book. They believe this is a must-read book for every believer.

This book has eight chapters with a prayer, Bible reading and a question or two at the end of each chapter. It is ideal to be used as an 8-session small group devotional Bible study. It is only 93 pages in length, so it is an easy read and great for giving to others.

A True Gift to the Global Body of Christ’

Rick Warren, author of The Purpose Driven Life, has this to say about Moravian Miracle:

“My dear friend Dr Jason Hubbard has captured the heart of one of the great prayer and missions movements in church history. Moravian Miracle is fascinating reading, and deeply motivating. Let us follow in the footsteps of these courageous, prayer-devoted believers and finish the task of the great commission in our generation!”

Mike Bickle, founder of the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, has also strongly endorsed Moravian Miracle:

“The story of the Moravians’ commitment to 24/7 prayer and its connection to missions in the 18th century has been an inspiration for my life personally, and for the ministry of IHOPKC. Thank you, Jason, for searching out this remarkable story that will surely add fuel to the fire of the rapidly accelerating 24/7 global prayer and missions movements in these days! I am grateful for you—that you lead so many into the reality that you live in, and that you share in such a compelling way in this new book. Moravian Miracle is a true gift to the global body of Christ.”

It is our hope and prayer that Moravian Miracle will inspire believers in Australia and all over the world to learn from the example of the Moravians and “follow the Lamb wherever he goes”.

You can purchase your copy (or multiple copies at very low suggested prices) by donation via our online order form. If you’re unable to afford a donation, let us know and we will be glad to send you a copy of the Moravian Miracle send you one for free.

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