Speak Up for Calvary Hospital — Email the Senate Committee, PM and Politicians

Take a Stand for Our Religious Freedom

In the ACT, the Labor-Greens Coalition passed legislation to forcibly acquire Calvary Hospital, which was forcibly taken over on July 3.

The government considered Calvary Hospital “problematic” as it was Catholic-owned and pro-life on the issues of abortion and euthanasia.

Hence, the government removed this institution because it disliked its Judeo-Christian values. The acting leader of the opposition, Jeremy Hanson, called it “outrageous thuggery” and that it’s “impossible not to conclude that there is an element that involves an attack on faith”.

Like all states and territories, the ACT has a land act that lays out the conditions under which a government may compulsorily acquire a property. The ACT Government deliberately ignored this established law.

If Calvary Hospital can be forcibly taken over and acquired by a government because it dislikes its Judeo-Christian values, whose private property could be next? Christian schools. Aged care facilities. Churches or anyone who has a different opinion to the government of the day.

Astonishingly, Anthony Albanese supported this takeover. It’s critical that there is a strong message sent to Canberra.

The Federal Government can intervene in this situation. Under section 122 of the Australian Constitution, the Federal Parliament “may make laws for the government of any territory”.

The Australian Capital Territory (Self-Government) Amendment Bill 2023 proposes an ACT Government inquiry into the forced acquisition. This Bill is currently before the Senate Committee.

We have created an easy way for you to make a submission in support of the Bill.

Simply click the button below to use your voice and email a submission to the Senate Committee! A copy will be sent to Prime Minister and your Federal MPs and Senators to ask them to support this Bill too. We have provided a carefully-worded email as a starting place for you. It will only take a couple of minutes to send, but the effects can be far-reaching.

Let’s take a stand for religious freedom and Christian healthcare!