Our Prayer Coordinator: David Rowsome

My name is David Rowsome. I am excited to take up the position of prayer coordinator for the Canberra Declaration. I invite individuals or prayer groups who wish to pray for the nation and the work of the Canberra Declaration to contact me, share their thoughts and concerns as together we pray and intercede for “God’s will to be done on earth is it is in heaven” as it says in the Lord’s Prayer.

Let me introduce myself as a Canadian who has married into Australia. This took place in 1983 when I married my beautiful Australian wife Marilyn. At that time I was in Papua New Guinea working as a government engineer and she was there as a missionary. All in all we lived in Papua New Guinea for 24 years working most of that time as missionaries at an interdenominational Bible College. During that time God blessed us with three daughters Anna, Naomi and Esther. It was this living as a missionary family in an interdenominational and international community of 500 in the highlands of Papua New Guinea that helped us to develop a lifestyle of prayer and dependency on God.

Since my decision to settle in Australia and become a citizen, our three daughters completed their high school and uni, with our youngest turning 21 in September 2010. Marilyn has been working as a teacher of English as a second language and I have been working as a meter reader for our power utility. I thank God for this work as it has helped me to get ‘out there’ into Australian society and see what’s happening and meet a cross-section of people. But not only that, I have found that as I walk in the different suburbs and localities I have little pockets of time to think and pray and worship. While this kind of work is a new experience for me I often think of the inspiring life of Arthur Stace who would go out every day to write the word ‘Eternity’ throughout the streets of Sydney. I pray that I will have the same single-mindedness to act upon my burden to pray and encourage others to pray as we look forward to the return of Jesus. I look forward to contributing whatever I can to the aims of the Canberra Declaration as God makes those details clear in the coming days.

Please contact me by phone on 07 3422 0969 or email with1accord@outlook.com so that we can begin to build a team who wish to support the important work of the Canberra Declaration.

Yours for Australia

David Rowsome

Doctrinal Spiritual Warfare Prayers written by David Rowsome

Download and print. These are formatted so they can be printed as an A5 booklet on your home printer.