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The Canberra Declaration is an active, caring, growing community of people who have a vision for an Australia where children are safe, women are secure, families are happy, everyone receives a fair go, incentive is rewarded, integrity is paramount, life is precious, freedom is for all, including those of faith and everyone is able to enjoy the prosperity that comes from the revitalisation of the Judeo Christian Values that formed the foundation of our nation.

We live in a great nation but very sadly the Aussie values that have made Australia a great place to live are rapidly being undermined and are in danger of being destroyed! Our nation is not as Fair and Safe as it once was in times gone past but together, we can make a difference.

We encourage you to make your own stand for Aussie Values and join our community by signing the Canberra Declaration. (Make this a link to Read & Sign Declaration) This historic document first released on the 23 July 2010, articulates a great vision for Australia. It is an urgent call to protect our Aussie values in Australia – in particular Freedom, Family, Faith and Life.

Even right now, in our Federal and State Parliaments there are attempts being made to remove our freedoms, redefine family, further destroy our Judeo-Christian heritage, increase abortion levels, introduce euthanasia and curtail freedom of speech. We must make a stand.

The Declaration was drafted by a number of key leaders from within a cross-section of community groupings and church denominations. Everyone who cares for Australia is invited to sign it. To date it has been signed by over 70,000 Aussies who have taken a stand for a better Australia.

Please watch this 2-minute YouTube.

By signing the Canberra Declaration, you will do the following.

  • You are adding your weight to an urgent call to protect our Aussie values in Australia – in particular Freedom, Family, Faith and Life.
  • You are letting our political leaders and fellow citizens know that there are many Australians who believe that Judeo-Christian values provide the foundation for a flourishing society.
  • You are joining a growing community of ordinary Aussie‚Äôs who are taking a stand by praying and speaking out on the issues of our day.
  • You will have an opportunity to join our specific campaigns for a Fairer and Safer Australia.
  • You will make an impact because your voice counts.

Will you stand with us to make a difference for the future of this nation and our children?

Sign the Declaration

Help Us More

Yes, we need your help to get the word out. You can forward this Help Us section as an email to family, friends and your networks. Add a personal note such as “I have signed the Canberra Declaration and I suggest you might like to do the same and help us make a stand for a Fair and Safe Australia”.

Thank you and God bless you!

Canberra Declaration Team