No! Jesus did not attack those who rejected God’s standards; He did however unapologetically declare and raise standards; He then wrapped them with a gospel and relationship of love. He declares some things wrong and some things right; and He did this with love and wisdom. Jesus knew (and knows) that any society dominated by rebellion from His ways will face immense difficulties, and we have already seen the impact of such rebellion upon our society’s fabric, our governance, our people and especially our children. The damage already wrought will take many generations to recover. The profound impact that these small percentages of the population exercise on the rest is already immense. They have been able to do this due to the silence, apathy and/or lack of awareness of the majority.

The Canberra Declaration is therefore not an attack, but is a response issued in defense of the truth. The Canberra Declaration is not a call to intolerance or bigotry. It is a call to conscience for the greater good of all.

One of the simplest tools of tyranny is to shut down all who differ with your opinion. One of the simplest ways to do this in a world trained in ‘political correctness’ is to paint all criticism or difference as being intolerant or bigoted (see Q 17 for more on this). Australia is currently a free country where people are allowed to speak their mind and follow their conscience. The drafters of the Canberra Declaration believe that this Declaration, and the community that it has produced, can work for the greater good of all Australians.