In February 2010, Dr. Graham McLennan, founder of the National Alliance of Christian Leaders, raised the idea of having a Canberra Declaration with several Christian leaders and then later through his national email network, . Amongst others, Bill Muehlenberg from CultureWatch,, and Warwick Marsh from the Australian Christian Values Institute,, responded positively. In consultation with several Community and Christian leaders, Bill crafted the first draft and Warwick used Institute resources to host the initiative and convene the consultative process. In the early stages of the drafting process, the Westminster Declaration was released in the UK; it was a source of great encouragement. Graham also met with leaders in the Australian family movement in May 2010 and received an enthusiastic response. After the first draft was compiled, the consultative process was put into play with input being sought from more than 20 different leaders. These leaders were from Evangelical, Catholic and Anglican backgrounds to ensure the finished document would receive wide support in the broader Christian community. The Canberra Declaration was released at Parliament House in Canberra, with support from Indigenous Christian elders, on Friday 23 July 2010.