It is a sad reality that ANY effort will draw its critics. Similarly, as anyone who has ever grown and changed in their life can attest, we are all able to look back and see we how our thoughts and opinions have changed over time. Gaining knowledge and understanding is an ongoing process for all, and the effective use of words is an art form that continues to allude and challenge to this day. The drafters of the Canberra Declaration do not declare this statement perfect or complete. It is nevertheless, a sincere, attempt to express a truly biblical Australian declaration of Christian conscience for the greater good of all.

We will respond to our critics with the same grace and thoughtful deliberation we hope will be exercised toward us. We will also encourage our critics to see the good that is in the Declaration even if they have issues to further consider. We will also encourage them to sign and lend their weight to the Canberra Declaration in spite of any of its perceived weaknesses.