The question of what is missing is just as valid as what is included.

The Canberra Declaration had to be a manageable size; therefore it is not an exhaustive treatise on a multitude of issues, as genuinely worthy as so many issues are. It needed to be kept short and simple. The strategy in crafting the Canberra Declaration was to focus on the foundations upon which broader social issues can stand.

For a long time in this nation we have been experiencing a dedicated and deliberate attack on religious freedom, marriage and family, as well as human life. Yet these value issues are fundamental to a healthy society. The attack upon them has intensified in the last decade; increasingly so in recent years. If Australians do not act to protect religious freedom, our Judeo-Christian foundations, marriage and family as well as human life; if we as a people continue to stand by and idly approve of their desecration and destruction, we will have very little power to make a stand for other very worthwhile causes. These foundations are worth fighting for. As scripture says, “when the foundations are destroyed what can the righteous do?”.