There is no question that some will be offended. The freedom to be offended is one of the freedoms we are defending (this sentence is as complex as the aims it espouses). Freedom is not easy, and it usually isn’t politically correct. Being offended is not necessarily a bad thing. Some of life’s greatest lessons and greatest advances come through confrontation and challenge. Some people say this is being offensive. We would beg to differ. We believe confrontation and challenge is part of growth.

The Declaration is made on a premise that there is truth, there is right, there is wrong and there is an ultimate authority. The very same people who declare there is no absolute right or wrong (usually motivated by a desire to excuse their own actions) are the very same people who will be offended when a drunk runs over their child, a thief breaks into their home or the government fails to deliver on some benefit or right to which they feel deserving. Every time we declare something ‘wrong’ we affirm the existence of a standard. We all inherently know there is a right and wrong, and it is on those standards as revealed by scripture and good conscience that we stand.

Having stated this as our starting point, we then take grace, as Jesus did, and offer it to those who differ in opinion, those who have had abortions, or those who battle with sexual addictions and desires they do not wish. Those who have had abortions need and should receive compassionate support. Those who battle to overcome sexual immorality (of any kind) need support, love, grace and long-term friendship.

Yet amidst all the complexity of these ‘issues’ there exists real people, with real emotions, real loneliness, real rejections, real hurts, real aspirations, real situations and real contributions to make. Therefore, we want to be equally ‘real’ and declare God’s grace is there for them, as is our grace. Jesus has clarified His standard and also provides the ability to live it out with His continued help. This is the standard we aim to promote and conform to.

There are of course those who are ardent and antagonistic in their opposition, resolute in the rightness of their actions or immersed in contrary lifestyles. Many of these people stand firm in their values and are as committed to their cause as we are. That same grace, awareness and wisdom that has already rescued so many of us, is also available should they so choose it. Therefore, while we proclaim these standards and values as the best way to build a just society, we do not declare judgement upon others. Without apology we affirm our disagreement with their stand and respect their right to differ. It is not our place to judge or condemn. We do not! To these people we also offer compassion and grace, alongside truth spoken in love.

Again, we affirm as we have earlier in this document, we can be tolerant of something without endorsing the things we do wrong. Such is the nature of grace.

This Declaration will offend some. We remain open to criticism and genuine attempts at dialogue. We invite your comments and look forward to your response.