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The team at the Canberra Declaration believes in the next generation and in providing opportunities for young people to be part of changing the world. Our goal is to fulfil the words of Jesus in Matthew 28 and make disciples.

The Canberra Declaration is an active, caring, growing community of people who have a vision to see Australia’s Judeo-Christian Values revitalised and train the next generation.

The Mission of the Canberra Declaration is to awaken, encourage, educate, equip, and unify people to pray and make a stand for Christian Values for the greater good of all Australians.

The Values of the Canberra Declaration are clear. Recognising that we are made in the image of God we value: Freedom, Truth, Human Dignity, Justice and Compassion.


We are opening up an opportunity for a one-year Paid Training Internship with the Canberra Declaration in one of the following disciplines, or a combination thereof.

  1. Business Administration
  2. Accounting and Finance
  3. Writing, Video and Creative Communication

We need your help to find the right person. The successful applicant must have a strong faith and heart for ministry, a passion for LIFE, FAITH, FAMILY and FREEDOM. These are the defining issues of our generation. They will probably be between the ages of 18 and 35 years of age, but may be older. It is highly probable that they will have a university degree or have engaged in further training since leaving school.

They must be highly motivated to make a difference in Australian society, with a corresponding record of achievement and referees who can vouch for their skills, track record and abilities. Everyone who applies will need to be experienced in the digital world with email, Microsoft Word, Excel and proficient with a computer.

This position is based in Wollongong, NSW, would be full or part-time and will be based around the successful applicant’s availability, skills, and motivation to continue to grow and learn.

The Canberra Declaration Team is looking for motivated people such as Jean Seah, 32 years old, who works part-time as the Managing Editor of the Daily Declaration and Social Media Manager at the Canberra Declaration’s socialmediaoutlets. Jean has both a Law Degree and a Bachelor of Liberal Arts, but is passionate to turn the tide of abortion in our nation. Jean is an amazing woman of God and is helping to bring positive change.

Kurt Mahlburg, 35 years old, is also making a difference as the Features Editor and Chief Researcher of the Canberra Declaration. He has a Degree in Architecture, a Teaching Degree and Theological Training. Kurt is a wordsmith extraordinaire, and while working part-time for the Canberra Declaration he has completed his first book, Cross and Culture — Can Jesus Save the West?, which is selling well and helping educate people on the truth. Kurt is certainly making an impact.


We need your help. You may know a younger person who is looking to make a difference in this world. Please tell them about this exciting opportunity. Such opportunities are exceedingly rare.

Interested applicants must apply online and attach their résumé and references and detail the ways that they want to make a difference, the things they are passionate about, the areas they wish to train in, the skills and qualifications they possess and why they have what it takes to do a Paid Training Internship with the Canberra Declaration Team and be part of changing the world for the greater good of all.

Applications close at midnight AEDT, Sunday 31 January 2021. See link below. Thank you for helping us get the word out about this Paid Training Internship opportunity. Help us train the next generation. Together we can make a difference.

“Canberra Declaration Paid Internship Training” application link:
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