by Steve Grace, international award-winning Country Gospel artist.

When you are dry and empty, Jesus will lift you up.

I have swept away your offences like a cloud, your sins like the morning mist. Return to me, for I have redeemed you. Isaiah 44:22

That empty powerless emotion of dry. That season when the rains don’t ever come… and you are left with nothing. Sometimes its people and your expectations of them, sometimes its money and debt… sometimes its broken relationships and the helpless feeling of not knowing how to change things… sometimes its circumstances of the weather… the rain that never came.

I have so much respect for Australian farming families living from generation to generation on the land. They are the best conservationists we have. They garden the land. They are always looking at the clouds and weather.

When you look up at a cloud… 20 minutes later you will never see that same cloud again… The early morning mist literally disappears before your eyes when the warmth of the sun begins to shine. That’s how God looks at your past failures and sin once you have given them over to Him. He deletes it. As far as the east is from the west, He remembers your sin no more. He chooses in His grace to forget our stuff ups and mistakes… amazing grace.

So when you feel like you are in a spiritual drought… when you are dry… empty. Here’s my advice… Simply return to the Lord for He has redeemed you. Not church or religion… HE has redeemed you. Religion will only ever condemn and judge you… It leaves you feeling worthless. But Jesus will lift you up and remind you of your true worth. He died on the Cross to redeem you… That’s good news!!

You are worth the world to Jesus!!

Keep the faith.

Our Father in heaven, thank you for the gift of your Son Jesus, thank you for the hope and life we have because of His sacrifice and love. We ask in Jesus Name for your mercy on the land. We ask for you to bring revival to the seasonal changes over the land of Australia. That you would send the rains to the parched and thirsty lands. Lord we ask with contrite and humbled hearts for your forgiveness and mercy. We need your grace and favour at this time… Please send the rains to the regions that need it the most in Jesus Name. Amen

God Send the Rain – Steve Grace