Preserve Life

Freedom -  Marriage and Family  -  Life

The Canberra Declaration is a call
to our national leaders to protect life, defend marriage, support family, secure our religious freedom and safe guard our children. The values listed in the Canberra Declaration are under threat! They are being attacked and undermined on many fronts, by dedicated and articulate proponents of different views.

The Canberra Declaration was drafted by a number of Christian leaders from many denominations with a heart for the nation and was released on 23 July 2010. The authors and foundation signatories were both encouraged and inspired by recent similar declarations in Westminster and Manhattan.  While these values are under threat throughout the world; we fight to defend these values for Australia and for Australia's children.

The Canberra Declaration will:

Awaken a greater awareness of the issues Australians face.        
Encourage prayer and action to address these issues.
Unify the Christian community to make a stand for Christian values.
Educate the Christian community to enable it to defend Christian values.
Equip by sharing resources for the greater good of the whole community

The elements in the Canberra Declaration concern religious freedom, marriage and family and life. These are the values that made Australia great. These are the values that Australia was built on. We invite you to join with us as we work together to protect our Australian values.

The authors of this document commend the Canberra Declaration to you for your careful consideration and support.

Read the declaration here.           Sign the declaration here.